Monday, July 14, 2014

Coffee is not good for an old lap top computer

I sit here tapping away on this little beauty , she is a Apple macbook pro I've named Stitch ( on the account that I bought it second hand and it has a character "stitch" sticker from Lilo and stitch on it)
My poor old PC has seen better days ( a few to many coffee's on its keyboard ) and given up...
So I am very slowly learning this computer, I have been trying to get this blog post sorted all weekend lol... but I am up and running again yay... I will not be drinking my cuppas near this one thats for sure

School holidays is over and my baby girls have gone home, we had so much fun tea partying and crafting and just hanging out chilling and chatting,, Ooh and Uncle Brandon set up this tyre swing for us to play on...
The mornings have been a little chilly but the days have been crisp blue sky and wonderful warming winter sun, I have been playing around in my new photo editing apps ( woot woo , I can down load onto my computer from apple, who'd of thunk?? or am I just that slow with technical stuff??)....
Anyways I am having fun learning something new every day....
As you can see there has been a lot of snuggly coat and boot wearing along with big bowls of home made chicken soup ;)
Sitting here was a happy little weekend past time of mine, just listening to the sounds of the country side and watching the leaves flutter down , soaking in the winter sun with steaming cup of coffee and a bit of crochet on the side...

More sitting ,, Oh yes, there is always more sitting,, inside the cottage has been like a freezer so I have been sitting in front of this baby warming my toes and just getting caught up in the wonderful warming amber flicker of its flame effect ,, one day we might have a real wood burning or gas heater but for now this one is keeping me happy :)
there has been more playing back in instagram from my iPhone, I took this one for the photo challenge a day word "interior",,, The way into the only toot in the cottage is through our bedroom, this little room I have named the waiting room ;)
Well my Dears its time I go off my toosh and got some order in this shabby old cottage,, I have some crochet projects to finish off and share with you, I will try and link where I found the inspiration and patterns... So ill be off to learn some more computerish stuff and check back in soon xx

Thanks ever so much for popping in :)

Until next adventure
Take care

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