Sunday, August 3, 2014

A little crochet and a rainbow ottoman..

 Hello again....
Coming to you from shabby little avondale cottage on this beautiful sunshiny winters day...

I have had a little mishap,, running out of internet usage and also the battery charger of my new camera zapped and blew with the battery in it , in my hand mind you,,,,,, I will be going back into the place of purchase soon to see about that!!!

ok so after having the awful flue and feeling a bit down I needed some colour in my life

It was a lovely day out in the yard so I grabbed my suit case full of wool and unfinished projects and set to work :) the main one was a lovely coloured cover for this ugly ottoman...

around and around I crocheted , colour change after colour change ,, it was wonderful watching it grow so brightly :)

I sort of tidied my wool case too :)

here she is all finished.
I sit here most nights with my cuppa and crochet on the coffee table and my back rested up against the lounge ...

Thats when this lil man isn't on it.... Yep Pip has claimed it,, he has been known to let me share though so alls good ;)
Anyways you can find the basic rainbow crochet in the round pattern HERE at crochethealingandraymond .
Once I got to the width I needed I just kept crocheting the same amount around each colour and that shapes it down, once I had covered my ottoman I then missed a few stitches around the bottom to make it tighter ( if you know what I mean ;)
 It has been a bit on the chilly side here at the cottage and the manager of the property we are renting found us this wonderful wood fire ,,, it has taken place of the old wood burning stove,, (she was lovely to look at but was no longer in a working order.).... I am loving this little beauty , keeping us very cosy indeed ...

with my hands cold but wanting my fingers free I fell in love with the idea of these wrist warmers I had seen on pinterest . So I had a bit of a search and found a pattern for these ones ,, aren't they adorable .. you can find the free pattern HERE at if you would like to make some :)
 Ooh I also made ,,,who I like to call Spunky Monkey,,, Mine is a little different looking than the pattern I used,, i did use the basic pattern just added a few extra details ,, so you could too ,, again this one is a free pattern and you can find it HERE at

I have had a bit of a rest from crochet this week and am really missing it so I will be back soon with some more fun pattern links ,,,,,, and maybe some really exciting news ;)
I picked this up at the markets this morning and I believe it is a sign ... mmm yes it is a sign,, but I mean a sign that I must do what it says ....
 Well my sweets I am off to water my poor old dried out  frost bitten garden ..

 Until next adventure
Take care


  1. Kris, I can tell you are a whiz with the crochet hook. Pretty things you have stitched up. Hope you have a wonderful day, xoxo,Susie

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