Thursday, August 14, 2014

So....... where there is fire there is smoke!

Hello ,, Im down on the Gold Coast looking after my awesome grandkids while our big kids do the Brisbane ekka show,,,,

I have been wanting to share this little post for a while so here it is.... I'm pressing Publish as I scrub baby food of my and Mana's face ,, and getting the girls ready for the morning school run :)

Ok here we go , ;),,,,,I had a little mis hap the other week, Did you know that sometimes with a fire place there can be a back draft ? I didn't ,,
Did you know even if the door is closed the smoke can come out?,, I didn't ,,

Anyways I found out this can and will and did happen!!
one lovely chilly sunday afternoon , after a trip to the local markets for fruit and veg and an axe to chop fire wood...
we pulled on our boots and had a lovely walk around the paddock collecting sticks for kindling and logs for chopping..
the dogs even got in on the act bringing us sticks :)

with our wheel barrow full we tramped back up to the cottage to get settled in for the night
whilst hubby was chopping up some of the bigger logs I went in and happily started stacking the kindling in the fire just the way he had showed me to....

I lit the little fire starter popped it under my stack of kindling watched as it took hold and shut the door.....
Now is when the trouble started...... I went out into the breeze way to start boxing up the rest of the logs, turned around and the cottage was full of smoke ... eeekkkkk

Now I don't like fire at the best of times so this was a bit of a panic starter,,, I ran back in to find the fire place was just spewing out smoke, Hubby came bolting in wondering what was going on and I was just standing there wondering that myself???

he took action and opened the door of the fire place and stacked more logs on,, bigger logs to get the fire raging ,,

I ran around opening all windows and doors to get the smoke out...
I was on the brink of tears ( one because I had smothered my beloved cottage in smoke and two because said smoke was choking me to tears mmmm)
Anyways Hubby was not to sensitive to my tears and had a few little choice words for me....
Always one to admit my mistakes and take them on as a learning curve I googled what I could have possibly done wrong!!!!

Ok so it wasn't entirely my fault,, I didn't know that you can get a back draft .. But I do now..... it could happen IF :: it is a windy day and the wind comes down the chimney, to find out if you have a back draft you must first light a bit of paper and if the smoke goes "up" the chimney your safe to go.. Oh and the bigger you get the fire going will help to get the chimney heated to suck up the smoke.. there is also something about if the temperature is the same inside as it is out side then you are more likely to have a back draft....
((Just saying it is safe to say that I will leave the fire starting duties to the expert then!!!!))

Well I'm off to adore my grankids and smother them in kisses OXOXOX

Until next Adventure
Take care


  1. Where did you go? Left us hanging, hope you are okay. Hugs

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