Monday, September 8, 2014

Sharing a Yummy choc chip cookie recipe x

Ooh yes I am ,, but before I do I will get you up to speed with the buying of the cottage news .. Yes we finally found out a yes or no...
Unfortunately (or is that fortunately) .... anyways we will "not" be buying the cottage as we have found out it is Heritage listed and with that comes lots of dedication to details and these details have to be passed by the heritage council before any work is undertaken on the cottage ,,, it also has to be taken back to original appearance and that would cost lots of $$ ..  we are feeling although disappointing , it would have been a very , very big job for us to take on....

on wards and upwards we will continue to save and be on the look out for our forever cottage ,, it is out there somewhere....

In the mean time I have this old girl still sitting in the yard waiting for a face lift ( well a total re build its looking like ) ,, I'll be Blooming where I am planted and working on the tasks at hand ;)
A Caravan Cottage
I have moments of downs and moments of ups ..... I'm focusing on the ups and will continue on my Bright and Sparkly Adventure :)

All righty then , I had lured you all here with a Yummy choc chip cookies Recipe and thats what i'll give you ....

                                                                 Choc Chip Cookies
* 150g soft butter                                                                       * 1 egg
* 1/2 cup caster sugar                                                              * 1 3/4 cup Plain flour
* 1/2 cup Brown sugar                                                             * 1 cup Choc chips

Pre heat oven to 160 *c 
Beat butter and sugars until creamy
Beat in egg
Stir/fold in flour and then chic chips
Spoon into balls and place on baking tray, press down slightly.
Bake for 15-18 minutes 

I have made these twice since we heard the news about the cottage... I think they are my go to comfort food
They are so quick and easy to whip up when needing a chocolate fix and I find the rhythmic mixing , folding and combining of simple ingredients therapeutic :)
I used Dark chocolate buttons in these ones and they are Delish.....
I am not a big fan of cookie dough .... But I Luv it cooked ...
I love , love , love my choc chip cookies gooey and squishy in the middle with a slight crunch to the outside and this recipe deliver's every time ,,,,,,

It truly is a no fail recipe,, trust me I have made them in all sorts of moods ..... :)
Until next adventure
Take Care


  1. Hi Birdie
    sorry about your new cottage ,, i guess it wasn't meant to be yours hey ,,, yours is still out the waiting :-)
    Oh I will have to but the ingredients and make those Choc chip cookies tomorrow ,, thank you for sharing ,,
    take care ,don't eat to many cookies :-)
    love you Mammie xoxox

    1. Hay Mam,,,Yes and Avondale cottage is still pretty sweet for us at the moment :) and I've got lots of plans for the old caravan too.... um well I can't promise anything on the not eating to many cookies Mammie , you know what I was like on the last batch ;)
      Love always your lil sis Birdie oxoxo

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