Monday, January 23, 2017

Ask , Believe , You shall receive !!! ( and with a little hard work ,, dreams really can come true)

Long time no write, but I'm back ...
I'm ever so Excited to share some news..

*First of all..( a little rusty at this writing so please bare with me ),, back to a post I wrote about a little cottage we thought of buying , well it turned out to be heritage listed,, we are not at all good with being told what we can and can't do so that ended that ........

NOW the awesome news....  we became the proud owners of a 30acre virgin bush block..
Yep nothing on it but trees and bushes and kangaroos and trees and DIRT lots of Dirt...
But we have a dream and its 3 months in living full time and its all starting to become reality..

I have so much to share haha ,,So just a quick one today to get you all up on our adventure here at Rose-Ella .. I will do it slowly over the next couple of weeks
we are just so excited about being here.

we have not had a lot of power as we are off the grid, so building up our solar system. for now its been generator a few hours of a morning and late afternoon and a small solar panel charging up car batteries to charge phones and run led lights ..

For now we are living in our motorhome

in the three months we have been here we have put up a small 3X3 garden shed that pretends to be a Kitchen

I was getting frustrated with running up and down the bus for kitchen stuff and then again when finished ;) .. and had this little shed on hand so why not ...... we have concreted the floor and put in a small window
 Pip loves the cool concrete floors on our hot summer days...

what next ....ooh yes an out door kitchen sink complete with pump action running water

 Next the out house .. (drop toilet)

and then a shower block ..
 Made of reclaimed shower floor , timber and old tin. ( we love shopping our local recycle centre, farmers auctions and local garage sales)
Again we concreted the floor ( getting so good at this concreting gig ;) ) and have a 1000lt cube for shower water.
 a small portable gas hot water system will be mounted to this side.
I shopped my treasures and now have a sweet functioning out door shower block..

so thats us living comfortably here for now :) we are slowly getting there and have the foundation poles in for our little cottage / cabin / hut.. the fold up gazebo will be taken down and we have the poles in for a large timber one with tin roof to go up :) hopefully next week.

I have been doing the markets selling my cloth dolls and homely creations so next on the list was a creation station.. a cheap old caravan is now Calico cottage my work area , I have a small generator to run my sewing machines
 inside calico cottage.

Life has been full on and we have loved every minute of it ( even the 30+ heat out here) .
we have had a few good drops of rain and the dirt is slowly turning into green grass..
we have started a small potted vegetable patch ( cherry tomatoes and capsicum) with grand plans for a larger vegetable garden and fruit trees and chickens :)

I will be getting on and updating when possible,  as I love sharing our adventures on our property we have named Rose-Ella.

I will also share my finds on home made cleaning products, easy camp recipes, living off the grid, solar systems, water catchment and anything we come across that could be of use :)

Until Next Adventure
Take Care


  1. Hi Kris
    I am so happy to see you sharing on here again ,, It was so good to be able to come and help you move and now to see all the wonderful things you have done at Rose-Ella , I am so excited for you and Jim and will be sure to come and visit soon xoxox love you Sis
    love Mammie

    1. Thanks mammie xx I have an awesome photo of you and rof down by the dam , will share it soon xx much love Birdie xox

  2. Awww...Lord love ya, Kris! I am SO happy to see you posting again. I have checked several times to see where you were at. I am really excited that you found some acreage and are going to build on it. How far are you to the nearest town? I was wondering, too, do you have a well or water source on the property or do you have to tote it in? I am amazed that you are doing so well living off-grid. I know you were really hoping to buy that cute little place you were in before. It is too bad that didn't work out--but look at you now! xo Diana

    1. Oh Diana xx thank you so much for taking the time to write 😃. We are about 20 minutes from a very small country town with shops to fill our basic needs and then 45 minutes from a larger town we do a food and supply shop at every second week .. we put a large dam in the first week we owned the property and it is slowly filling , we have a 40ft shipping container we have put a tin roof on with a make shift gutter and a 1000ltr pod to catch water for showers, dish wash and plants , at the moment we buy our drinking water in but hope to get more drinkable water tanks off the gazebo roof to catch water 😀 . I'll post photos of it all soon xx
      Kris x

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