Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Moving on... Just a reminder to me that I am Living my dream :)

Hi ......... hope your weekend was a wonderful one x

 The first week we owned Rose-Ella we excitedly arranged for a dam to be dug , They are not cheap but we knew water is liquid gold out here , we didn't expect it to be filled anytime soon ,But we had rain and good rain within the first month we had it .. its a great size puddle now ...


 I kept as much of our furniture as possible and we have one 40ft and one 20ft shipping container here to store it all in , Love going through them and seeing what can be used next , one day ( maybe :) they will be made into a work shed with doors and windows ...


So,,, I have been asked repeatedly from people "Why" , Why move so far from the coast , Why out in the hot dry west, Why onto a bush block with nothing on it, What are you going to do for power, water, a home, Why?!!
Honestly it made me ask myself the same questions , got me down for a little while,,, but I had the answers :) ,, I know why, because its our Dream to get a life , thats why....

    Things happen slowly out here, we are learning to plod along and are living with a back to basics , simple living , reduce ,reuse ,recycle mind set..
It keeps us busy in mind and body , our spirits happy..we enjoy the adventure of the every day , having to work for what we need .( water , power) .

I am finding that life is what you make it, and simple is a great way to live..
I know It is not for everyone , To live out here in the bush and start a new lifestyle,,but it has been our dream for a long time and now that dream is reality.

It's a little scary at times but we are working our way through , go with the flow , take one day at a time and tackle each challenge as it comes ..

Learning something new everyday......
I have been hand washing and making my own washing suds, surface spray and liquid hand soap..
Knitting wash cloths and keeping my hands and mind busy with homely creations ..
although hot ( very hot and muggy ) I have a wonderful appreciation for the sun , my washing line is imperfectly perfect and I am grateful for such a lovely space to hang my washing , and enjoy the shade of the tree's to sit , listen to the birds and contemplate life :) ,
Thats all :) ,,, Thank you, I just needed to get that all out of my head and remind myself I am living my dream xox ... 

ooh I nearly forgot , we have two new additions to our little family, this is Gizmo he is 4 months old and our little girl Khaleesi is 9 weeks old , they are Neapolitan mastiffs ... And yes we all know they are not allowed on the bed , hahaha

Until Next Adventure
Take Care 


  1. Kris, How wonderful that you are able to live your dream. That seldom happens for most of us---we have a dream and then get caught up in the every day 'busy-ness" of life and the dream evaporates a bit and slowly disappears. I am SOOO very happy for you and I am so happy to see you POSTING here.

    I love what you are doing. I have dreamed sometimes of that 'back to basics' life style. I grew up on a hard scrabble working dairy farm so I understand it...and although I wanted OUT of it- there was a certain love of it, too. It was a simple, sweet life in many ways.

    Blessings to you and your two new babies! Keep posting because I LOVE reading about what you are doing!!! xo Diana

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  3. Hi Kris,
    I don't have a direct email for you but I have been thinking about you and wondered how you are faring there. I hope it is a good life for you and that you are happy and healthy. When you get a chance drop me a line. email is Love to you-Diana