Hi, & Welcome, My name is Kris.
 I am a 40ishish mother of 3, grandmother of 4 & wife ( to a very understanding husband, who doesn't complain about living in,,  white & pinks & roses).

 The story begins....
We all lived in a sweet little house in the Queensland Gold Coast Hinterland.
 Then, all of a sudden, ( well it felt like it ) , I found that my Babies had all grown up and flown the coop.
 So we (my Husband and Dog { Jack Russell named Pipin}) Sold the house and bought a Big ass bus (converted into a Motor Home) Named "WANAGO" and started to travel this great land of Oz.
Thus "thebouselife" was born, ( we lived on a BUS =  it was our HOUSE = Bouse)
 I started blogging to keep family and friends up to date on where we were and what we were up to, It has become so much more than that now xx

Well we had some fun and got bogged a lot on our travels, The kids found us no matter where we went,
but we felt she was rather big for just the 2 of us, So we put her in storage and we got a smaller coaster,
 It was fun for a while, but we needed something to live in as well as travel in, as we didnt tow another car. So we sold that and got a Car & Caravan. Wow did I have a ball doing that one up, but I was missing the kids & grand kids,So
 We decided to settle for a while and are now renting a shabby little cottage in the scenic Rim area of qld. We have 2 Kittens, 4 chickens and a rooster...( Living the dream )... Who knows whats next, I for one would love to get a little camping trailer, shabby it up and go Glamping ;-) every now and then!!!!)

For now I will Bloom where I am planted
This little blog is a way for me to recount our life, projects and adventures.

Things I will talk about on this blog =

I love to decorate, I love New country, Elegantly shabby, french provincial, beachy styles of decor.I love creating and crafting, I love cooking and eating, especially farm fresh produce, I love up-cycling, re-purposing & am working towards some sort of sustainability in our life.
OK that's Me :-),
Hope you stay a while and have a poke around, just press on this HOME button or the one on top of the page to read what I have been up to lately.. OR
To have a little look around older posts of mine or Blogs I like scroll down the side bar and press on what you would like to read..

Thanks so much for popping in,
Come on over for a chat one day , would love to meet you.
Kris xx
                                                                  Avondale Cottage

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  1. Nice to read about you! Love the quilt!
    Heather (thepatchworkheartuk)