Our abodes

Our Abodes
We have lived in some interesting little "abodes" (I will call them that because many of them where on wheels).

The House
First up we have the home we owned, (we sold this back in 2007)
It was in a lovely part of the Gold Coast Hinterland in qld. We renovated it between working and raising our little family.
I have always liked a cosy yet fresh country feel to our homes, whites, creams and my fave color pink. The boys ( husband and son) never complained.
We ripped up the ugly carpet and laid nice big tiles, mmm hard work, but the end result was so worth it.
Most of the furniture came from second hand shops, garage sales and the rest my husband made/built.
I loved sewing up little creations to put here and there, plus gathering second hand finds to scatter around.
With the kids still at home and number one grand baby on her way, we needed to give the kitchen a complete reno, I drew up some plans of how I would like the kitchen to look and my wonderful husband set to work bringing it to life.
We had a large walk in pantry just inside the laundry at the end of the kitchen, and the open plan made it so easy to work in with a growing family.
I am so lucky to have such a clever husband, well, I helped to lol, so we make a great team!
Our main bedroom was simple but comfortable.
I tried to keep it as male friendly as possible, (mmm Not something that I am overly good at!)
As the kids ( I cant really call them that anymore..but they will always be my little kids), anyways as they all slowly moved out to start their grown up lives, I found I had a spare room.
I had the pleasure of looking after my sweet little Princess of a granddaughter a few days and nights through the week so this was her room and a also study.

The only bathroom in the house. ( was well used)

and the laundry.
The home was on a 1/4 of an acre and had a lovely salt water pool.
The kids all grew up and left home so hubby and I took the opportunity..
it was time to sell up and hit the road.....
That brings us to our next abode

The Bouse

A 1983 austral tour master partly converted into a motor home. ( named "WANAGO")
As we do, we did a little reno on her before we took off on our grand adventure ( well hubby virtually ripped the insides out and started again, but as you will see he did a great job on her reno).
 We towed a car trailer with a little 2000 model Suzuki grand vitara 4x4 ( we where just under 19 meters in length)
 Inside was truly a cottage on wheels, again I drew up plans of how I wanted her to look & hubby set to work. Kitchen area.....
 Dining area, is fitted with 4 seat belts for traveling & also folds down to a single bed.
 The back of the bus is fitted with a queen size bed and loads of storage.
 at the end of the bed is a walk in wardrobe
 on the other side end of bed is a desk that folds back into the wall.

 That's a little on our "bouse" house, you can read more over here at Living in the bus, our cottage on wheels. (we still have our lovely motor home, but will be selling her soon, as its to big for just the two of us and I would love someone to be enjoying her.)

Next up we bought

The coaster
Ruby Rosebud
This one was Ok, well we had some fun doing her up
 and the kids all had a lovely stay in her over Christmas holidays
 but, well, it was no real fun having to pack her up every time we wanted to head out exploring, so poor old ruby didn't stay in our family to long ( although our son really wanted to keep this one)

you can read a little more about Ruby Rosebud the little motor home Over here .

Now onto the next cottage on wheels

The Caravan a 1977 Viscount 18ft
Bo Jangles
OK now when we got this one I thought, this is it,  this is what we are going to live and travel in....
we again stripped her insides out and re-vamped, we had her parked in my sisters front yard and it was great, I got to see my lovely sisters ( all 4 of them) any time I wanted.

 We had tea parties and I painted all things ( including their stuff lol ) white.
 she was a great size and very comfy
 hubby made 2 singled beds so we didn't have to be climbing over each other all the time.
 I had my sewing machines and could create stuff
 the kitchen was well equipped
 and the living space enough for us 2 to be comfy..
You can read more about her reno Here , Here , And Here .

Then next,, one day I just woke up and felt it was time to move on , I was missing our kids and I just needed a change from a cottage on wheels, I felt I needed to be grounded in a real life planted in the ground cottage!!!
We sold Bo Jangles, packed up a trailer, came back to qld to stay with the kids until we found our little rental cottage we are in now.. we picked up the bouse "Wanago" from storage, she is sitting in our paddock, and what comes next???? who knows...???.... But I am sure whatever we are up to will be coming to you via this little blog ;-)
check in from time to time to see what we have been up to xx Kris
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